Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Huey Bushranger Gunship 1/35

The quilted soundproofing inside military aircraft can be difficult to reproduce. This is how replicate it.
Templates are made from heavy paper. these have all holes and cutouts in place. These are checked and refined until the fit is perfect. on the reverse side of each template the positions of rivets are marked. 
My material of choice for the quilting is the heavy aluminium foil at the top of coffee tins and if your quick to be the first one in the house to get to it you can trim it out wit a sharp hobby knife keeping it flat and uncrumpled.
 Here are some off cuts and the scribing tool i use. In order to scribe equally spaced lines I mark a piece of clear styrene with a scribed line 2mm back from the edge then scribe across the aluminium keeping each scribe parallel.
Once the aluminium sheet is fully scribed I tape the template in place and trim around it with a very sharp scalpel. The template and aluminium are both flipped over and using the scribing tool I emboss the rivets so that from the front they project out. Each piece is then secured in position with a few drops of  cyano.

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