Tuesday, 16 October 2012

1/35 Guntruck Factory Iraq - Oxy Bottles

Completed gas bottles loaded into timber transport frame and the process to create them...

9 bottles are required. These require no cleanup, just a wash in warm soapy water. 

Each bottle was mounted on a cocktail stick, undercoated with Tamiya surface primer. Over this    XF-9 is sprayed all over followed by matt black applied to the top and bottom of each gas bottle.
Once dry water from a spray bottle is misted on and salt flakes sprinkled over, biasing toward the top of each bottle. Once dry a coat of XF-52 was sprayed. Once dry water was used to dissolve the salt leaving nicely chipped paint.
The chipped and warn effect was enhanced by sponging Vallejo Burnt Cad. Red and German Cam Black Brown.

Pin washes from both Lamp Black and Raw Umber were applied especially around the top of each gas bottle. 
The final result.
Ready for mounting on the diorama.

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