Thursday, 13 December 2012

Guntruck Factory - Shipping Container - Rust Patches

With the base colours and large logo applied the components were coated in gloss clear and decals applied. This was followed by another coat of gloss clear then a final coat of acrylic matt clear.
 Rusting starts with Vallejo Chocolat Brown applied with a small scrap of sponge, mainly to edges but also to random spots over the container. 

The rusty areas were further enhanced with Vallejo German Cam. Black Brown applied over the top of the first brown and concentrated toward the middle of each patch and the edges of the container.

References show these containers often have heavy scratching, these were added with a fine bush from Vallejo Black Brown.

The doors are now detail painted. the rubber seals in Vallejo Dark Rubber. The hinges were painted a lighter grey mixed by eye to contrast with the rest of the door and bolt heads and the locking mechanism also highlighted.

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