Thursday 20 December 2012

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Guntruck Factory - more details

With most of the main components in place (except for the Humvee) its time to work over the details. Basically I study my reference photos and pick up all the smaller items that make up the scene. Things like...
 A tool box and an oily rag
 The off cut scraps under the cutting stand and the black soot from the plasma cutter
 The shiny edges of fresh cut steel before it has a chance to rust
and the filings that stain the ground where angle has been repeatedly cut with a hacksaw.

Sunday 16 December 2012

Guntruck Factory - Base with more ...

Many of the pieces that have been detailed over the last year can now be attached. As much as I've tried to keep everything looking random things still look a little too neat. This will change with shadows and dust added as well as rubbish and other small items.  

Thursday 13 December 2012

Guntruck Factory - Shipping Container - Streaks

Here are the oils i will use to add streaks and rust stains to the container.
First up I ignore the rusty patches and apply oil dots of colours complimentary to the grey of the container. In this case blue, white and grey. On the sides of the container they are dragged vertically down with a flat brush damped in turpentine, while on the roof each dot is blended into small patches. the whole process is kept subtle with most of the oils removed, leaving just a hint of colour. This adds nice tonal variation to what is a fairly monotone structure.

A similar process is then begun, but this time with the rusty colours. Large areas around the rust patches are stained with yellow and orange oils while the stronger redder colours are used with more intensity over the previously painted rust patches.  
The scratches have oil applied along their length which is then dragged down producing lovely rusty looking streaks.
The same process is applied to the doors. references show that these streaks always seem to originate from joins or where one part bolts over another so i followed a similar process.

Not shown, the previously constructed pallets of water and drinks were glued into position with Gator Glue before the doors were fixed in position.
Ready to be installed on the diorama base, the container will need some dust applied in the form of pigment weathering but i will do that once its on the base thus ensuring everything ties together nicely.

Detail shots of the completed container

Guntruck Factory - Shipping Container - Rust Patches

With the base colours and large logo applied the components were coated in gloss clear and decals applied. This was followed by another coat of gloss clear then a final coat of acrylic matt clear.
 Rusting starts with Vallejo Chocolat Brown applied with a small scrap of sponge, mainly to edges but also to random spots over the container. 

The rusty areas were further enhanced with Vallejo German Cam. Black Brown applied over the top of the first brown and concentrated toward the middle of each patch and the edges of the container.

References show these containers often have heavy scratching, these were added with a fine bush from Vallejo Black Brown.

The doors are now detail painted. the rubber seals in Vallejo Dark Rubber. The hinges were painted a lighter grey mixed by eye to contrast with the rest of the door and bolt heads and the locking mechanism also highlighted.