Thursday 28 February 2013

Iraq Roadway Diorama

Custom base 28 x 30 cm with balsa wood sides trimmed to suit the cut away corners. Base is formed from polystyrene carved to shape. The roadway is from 2mm cork sheet torn into sections to form the rough edges of the road as well as the cracks and pot hole. The road edges were formed using Tamiya Snow Effect Texture Paint tinted with various sandy colours. Lamp is by Mig Productions painted to look like a galvanized pole and weathered with various rusty tones. The Armco Highway Barrier railing is by Black Ops Models and is formed from vac formed Armco sections, resin posts and resin nuts and bolts. The kit was assembled and painted in grey tones and weathered with rusty oil washes. 

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Welding Mask

More details for the Gun Truck Factory diorama, I've made a welding Mask.
Here is what I'm going for. 
First up i made a small timber pattern to be vac formed. It looks a bit rough but remember this is to fit a 1/35 scale head so in reality its tiny.

Here is the vac formed part before trimming...

... and after trimming.

To the base shape I've added further details from styrene strip and the mask is now ready for paint.

A coat of Tamiya grey primer smooths everything out.
Painted and installed on the Humvee