Tuesday 27 May 2014

LSSC Maintenance Vietnam

Inspired by a series of photographs online our next project is a pair of LSSC tied up to a makeshift wharf somewhere in Vietnam. As part of this diorama I am mastering some parts to make an engine bay for each boat as well as the insides of the radar antenna.

LSSC engine bay

STAB Boats being serviced and prepared for an upcoming mission

More STAB boats
The Ford 427 engine so far. Here we have:
Block with heads and intake manifold
Water pump
Oil Filter and mount
Starter motor
Plenty more parts to follow including the bell housing, jet pumps and engine bay walls. 
Test assembled Ford 427

Radar internals

Engine bay walls awaiting detail. 

Saturday 3 May 2014

AH-6M 1/35

Ammo box, flex feed chutes. There are parts to feed either 2 mini guns or a mini gun and a GAU-19.

GAU 19 parts
 GAU 19 Assembled