Friday, 24 August 2012

1/35 Guntruck Factory Iraq

All the parts of the star of the show, the Humvee under construction. This is an older photo and I've already shown some of the items painted. Wheels are resin items from Voyager.  
The frame and suspension is as Tamiya made it, the only thing I've added is a few bolt heads to the bull bar brackets.
 In this view you can see the fill in panels added to the load bed, the scratch built roll hoop as well as a series of small brackets.
 The radio brackets were remade and the aerial bracket was from a Voyager Humvee Electronic Antennas photo etch set.
 Difficult to reach areas have already been painted matt black while they can still be reached, most of this will be covered by the interior colour once painted.

Creating the canvas roof folded back had me scratching my head for a bit. In the end I made the internal frame pieces from piano wire tacked in place with super glue. I then rolled out some Milliput very thinly and made the first layer running from windscreen to roll hoop. Once this had hardened the entire assembly could be removed and worked on separately from the body work.
  Once the first layer had hardened I made the folded back portion laying it back over the first.
 I finally added some of the detail flaps and rivet holes and puttied a couple of slight imperfections.

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