Friday, 10 August 2012

1/35 Guntruck Factory

The Humvee proved to be a bit thin skinned in Iraq so around 2004 the US army started adding their oven armoured plates manufactured and installed in country.
The shape of the side armour was traced directly off the Tamiya kit and cut from thin Evergreen sheet. Locking catches bent up from brass wire.
 Armoured box that fits into the rear compartment, the end plate is left off implying its only 2/3 built and to allow good visibility into this part of the model.

 Working closely with reference photos various rusty tones were added as well as the burnt look around each weld.

 Armoured box with MG mount test fitted, more on this mount later.
 Welds were applied using Milliput and painted to look suitably burnt, just like fresh welds.

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