Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Huey Bushranger 1/35 - Airframe

The Panda / Dragon fuselage is infamous for its trench like panel lines and over scale rivets so I took the bold step of sanding and filling the entire airframe. The rivets are from Archer and I've gone through around 5 packs, laborious but the results are excellent.
 The tail boom was scribed and riveted first and sealed with enamel as a first test. All seemed good so I covered the entire airframe. The cargo compartment hinged doors were overly thick and moulded in clear styrene so they were remade them from scratch.
The underside had many rows of rivets and numerous access panels, these were from Archer as well. Landing skids are from the Academy UH-1C kit made 12mm longer with some similar diameter Evergreen rod.
 Some of the quilting is complete inside the cabin. More on this in a forthcoming entry.
 Foot pedals are from the Academy kit. Windows are from clear acetate glued into position with Gator Glue.


  1. Wow amazing work on your Bushranger! I have the exact same kit that I plan on converting As well. I'll be Watching closely!

  2. I notice that you have replaced the floor on you Huey, what references are you using for placing the tiedown points and such? I have a ton of pictures of the last Iroquois in captivity that I took while in Edinburgh if your interested?