Monday, 6 August 2012

Huey Bushranger 1/35 - Cargo Doors

The Panda cargo doors had the over sized rivets sanded off and replaced with rivet decals from Archer. These are amazing and fix one of the biggest issues with the Panda / Dragon kit. Ultimately the entire airframe will be re scribed and re riveted ... big job.
2 of the window frames were left empty as on the real thing, this enabled the ground crews to access the refuelling points with the doors secured in the open position. The other 2 windows were from flat acetate sheet, glued into position with Gator Glue before adding a styrene frame.
The elevators are also in this image these will be painted once secured to the tail boom.
 Not much of the inside of the doors is visible since they are flat against the airframe, some minor details were added. The styrene pins will attach the doors to the airframe once everything is painted.

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