Sunday, 26 August 2012

1/35 Guntruck Factory Iraq

 The diorama will have a portion of a shipping container filling a corner. The container was made from scratch in styrene from diagrams found on the net.

 At this point i have the base colours applied. This started with a preshade in matt black over a undercoat of Tamiya primer. This was also applied inside.
 Following the preshading I applied a patchy coat of Tamiya XF-19. This was lightened a little before lightening the roof as well as using a colour modulaton style on the raised elements of both the container and doors. This will be further enhanced later by brush painting with Vallejo colours.
 As art of the initial painting I also applied the Maersk logo that i created from images on the net.

Next step will be to heavily weather the container and doors.

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